Digital Startups

Are you a domain expert with a promising startup or spin-off? We have a partner model where Iris Oculus teams up and creates a joint venture. This can be with individuals or companies. We'll include our team of developers and designers, 20 and counting, that can help move the product or service to the next level.

We're looking for domain experts wanting to bring their best ideas to life. (Ex. doctor, geologist, marketer, engineer.) We also work with startups, and joint spinoffs with established companies.

Interested in being a partner or early user? Products get better when developed together with partners and users. Let us know if you are interested in any of our digital startups

Investor? Although we're not currently not looking for investor we'd be happy to have a talk.

Below you can learn more about our current Digital Startups.


MVP testing:

Holoshop: a New Shopping Experience with AR

Bring your store and products into your customers living room. We help you get your products into Snapchat, or an Augmented Reality (AR) shopping app. All you need is 3D-models of your products. When your products are in AR your customers can see them true to size and color, in their home. It allows for creative inspiration and experimenting, “trying on” new looks.

Market Internationally
Buzz word AI and AR
Business model E-commerce platform provider

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Digital Spin-Off:

Bot Domain Vendor

Virtual Assistants was established by Iris Oculus and Ebit Nordic. VA helps corporates understand the capabilities and options possible within a bot system. Most corporates know bots as a customer service tool, not knowing the other areas where it can easily improve your business processes. We provide consultancy services that helps you:

  • identify the use-cases
  • choose the correct bot platform
  • build MVPs and test business cases
  • implement bots and realize the business cases

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Concept Test - MVP:

Tractionbot: Live Reports in Slack from Google Analytics

App Analytics Made Easy: Get reports and analysis of key metrics in Slack. During onboarding TractionBot will help you set goals towards key targets, such as growth rate and retention rate. You'll get daily, weekly and monthly reports on your progress. Need a number now? Just ask TractionBot. NEW: Now TractionBot supports ecommerce sites. Spend your time doing, not reporting. Daily reports on Slack helps you stay on top of your game

Install TractionBot - or contact us to customize it for your company

Establish solution:

Remaking GIFs to Create Subtle and Effective Marketing Content

GIFs for emails, social media posts and ads. You can boost your online marketing by using GIFs. Subtle GIFs gets attention. Stocky GIFs are sized to fit perfectly for email marketing, advertising and social media posts. GIFs are 600 px wide, and all have commercial is currently building an AR-portfolio.