Digital Transformation Consultancy

Helping companies succeed in the digital landscape is a passion of ours. Our consultants can bring new perspective to your organization. Our core expertise is integrating the new "buzz" that enters the market with well tested business practices, technology and legacy systems.

Is your company in the middle of your Digital Transformation process? We can help you accelerate the process. Together we can take your digital transformation to the next step by using state-of-the art processes and technology. We can work with you and advise you on change management-, ERP- and other vendors that participates in the transformation.

Below you'll see our workflow and customer cases.


Strategy and Planning

The strategy and planning phase defines your vision and goals. We help you find the best use cases based on your capabilities and business strategy. No matter your starting position - wanting to use new technology, finding new markets or identifying new user needs, we'll help you find areas with great business opportunities.

Iterative Concept Test

Working agile allows us to test new concepts before committing fully to them. The concept test provides valuable learning and feedback to help tune and adapt. The iterative process will explore technical viability, ability to solve user needs and potential business value. The process starts off with high-level testing, and gradually evolves into the minimal viable product (MVP). An MVP is functional, it can be launched - but will not be a full feature solution.

Scale Up

When you have a product-market fit it is time for scaling. A telltale sign of this is when you have a high retention rate, or the product is profitable. First step of scale up takes a step out and looks at the customer journey, using tools from design thinking and service design. This helps guide the marketing setup, and identifies any sticking points. The process so far will have identified your most efficient marketing channels, and now is the time to fine tune and amp up. It is vital to have good analytics to guide your marketing and development focus.

Establish Solution

Using sprints and agile project management the MVP will be improved and adjusted to find product-market fit. Moving from MVP to an established product also involves establishing governance, marketing automation, and refactoring of code. Each solution has different needs, and our custom development uses a flexible framework and tools to reach the goal.

Digital Transformation Support:

MacGregor: Digitalizing Marine Industry

MacGregor shapes the offshore and marine industries with leading cargo and load handling solutions and services. The marine industry has many of interesting use-cases, and the R&D department is in the middle of their digital innovation journey.

Iris Oculus has provided project management to support their digital transformation. The focus has been on combining elements from start-up and corporate cultures to accelerate and align their digital solutions as part of an on-going process.

Digital Transformation Support:

Lydbokforlaget: Taking digital transformation to the next step

Lydbokforlaget is one of the largest publisher of audiobooks in Norway. Going from CD to digital formats changes the business models. Combined with the new way of consuming media content - streaming - it places the publishing industry in a new and exciting situation. How do you match up with services like Spotify and NetFlix?

Iris Oculus provides services to boost and accelerate Lydbokforlaget's digital transformation to meet the new consumers expectations. To support their business strategy we help combining well tested technology with the new "buzz". The project is confidential, more information will be shared later.