What we do

Managing "The Buzz" to get to Business

That something has become a buzzword doesn't mean it's "silly", or that the hype is false. The growth of A.I., and how it is now available for all businesses, is a game changer for all industries. The shift from working waterfall to agile improves development processes for most companies. Design Thinking makes sure you build stuff users need, want and enjoy using.

To turn buzzwords into business you need to have a deep understanding of what user problems you are trying to solve, what business goals you are trying to reach, and what technology you will use. In most companies one of the areas will dominate, creating a higher risk of failure. By balancing new technology, user involvement and business insights we can build truly great products.

We have an international set-up that includes Europe, Asia and the U.S., with digital resources within innovation, business development, system development and marketing. Bringing together the best of the different continents gives us a unique opportunity to bring ideas into local and global markets.


Partner or early user

Products get better when developed together with partners and users. Let us know if you are interested in any of our products.


Although we're not currently not looking for investor we'd be happy to have a talk.

Domain expert with a promising startup or spin-off

We have a partner model where Iris Oculus teams up and creates a joint venture. We'll include our team of developers and designers, 20 and counting.


Our Portfolio of Products:

Concept Test - MVP:

Tractionbot: Live Reports in Slack from Google Analytics

App Analytics Made Easy: Get reports and analysis of key metrics in Slack. During onboarding TractionBot will help you set goals towards key targets, such as growth rate and retention rate. You'll get daily, weekly and monthly reports on your progress. Need a number now? Just ask TractionBot. NEW: Now TractionBot supports ecommerce sites. Spend your time doing, not reporting. Daily reports on Slack helps you stay on top of your game

Market Global
Buzz word AI and voice/chat bots
Business model SaaS / Bot as a Service

Install TractionBot - or contact us to customize it for your company

Digital Spin-Off:

Bot Domain Vendor

Virtual Assistants was established by Iris Oculus and Ebit Nordic. VA helps corporates understand the capabilities and options possible within a bot system. Most corporates know bots as a customer service tool, not knowing the other areas where it can easily improve your business processes. We provide consultancy services that helps you:

  • identify the use-cases
  • choose the correct bot platform
  • build MVPs and test business cases
  • implement bots and realize the business cases

Virtual Assistants AS
Market Norway
Buzz word AI and chat/voice bots
Business model Consultancy

Learn more: VirtualAssistants.ai

MVP testing:

Holoshop: a New Shopping Experience with AR

Bring your store and products into your customers living room. We help you get your products into Snapchat, or an Augmented Reality (AR) shopping app. All you need is 3D-models of your products. When your products are in AR your customers can see them true to size and color, in their home. It allows for creative inspiration and experimenting, “trying on” new looks.

Market Gobal
Buzz word AI and AR
Business model E-commerce platform provider

Check out Holoshop.ai

Establish solution:

Remaking GIFs to Create Subtle and Effective Marketing Content

GIFs for emails, social media posts and ads. You can boost your online marketing by using GIFs. Subtle GIFs gets attention. Stocky GIFs are sized to fit perfectly for email marketing, advertising and social media posts. GIFs are 600 px wide, and all have commercial licenses.Stocky.ai is currently building an AR-portfolio.

Market Global
Buzz word Gifs and AR
Business model Single sale and subscription sale of stocks

Visit stocky.ai

About Iris Oculus

A Passion for Innovation and Learning

We think work should be fun. Not "fuzzball table fun", or "unlimited sodas fun" - but "getting in the flow fun". What is the flow? It's when you've worked for hours only to emerge with a fresh mind. It can happen alone in front of your computer, at a workshop session, reading a book, at a seminar, or while interviewing users. The key is that you get into the flow, which allows work to become a source of excitement and energy.

The company has grown gradually from 2016 with a healthy economy and positive revenue growth year by year. Our network organization counts 4 teams in 3 continents with a total of 20 high skilled resources. This gives us the opportunity to scale our own products and start-ups, and provide even better support with digital transformation to corporate and medium sized companies.

Iris Oculus was founded by the cousins Tommy Johannessen (Oslo, Norway) and Linda Laegreid Johannessen (San Francisco, US).


Tommy Johannessen

Technology Director. Oslo, Norway

+47 918 19 860

What people say about Tommy:

Tommy is the rare combination of full-scale geek and great business mind. With a master in programming and semantics, he's been developing new products for 15 years. During this time he has acquired extensive project management skills, business understanding and management skills. Having a passion for learning Tommy is always on the frontline of new technologies. His business mind lets him use ready-made frameworks when available, and if not he'll "just make it myself".

Linda Laegreid Johannessen

Product Director | San Francisco, US

(415) 430-7838

What people say about Linda:

Linda loves how products and solutions can provide benefits to an organization or into a market. She's passionate on how to balance technology, design, user needs and business strategy in order to achieve your business goals. Linda has a master's degree in Marketing and 15 years experience with product management and product marketing, in large corporates and in startups. Turning buzzwords into business has been her slogan for years, before Iris Oculus was established. Linda attacks traditional and innovative challenges in her own brilliant way. The integrity, ease of working with, and intellect makes her crucial in Iris Oculus' own products and start-ups efforts, and in the digital support we provide to our customers.